5 Things to do in Colchester, Essex

Colchester has everything you might want to have in an English village. The Essex town is the oldest city in Britain, dating back to the 5th century, rife with lovely remnants from its story-rich past.

There’s lots to see and quite a lot to do. Here are five things you absolutely must do in Colchester:

1. A History Lesson at Colchester Castle

Colchester Castle happens to be one of the most popular attractions in town. Built in the late 1070s, it remains well-preserved today – an ever-present reminder of the town’s remarkable history. Not only that, but it serves as a fantastic photo backdrop. The Norman keep here is the largest surviving example which exists in Europe today.

Inside the castle, you’ll find lots of mesmerising artifacts along with the town’s 2,500-year journey during which it was ruled from the Romans, Celts and Vikings to the Saxons and Normans.

2. Roman Walls Tour

The Roman Town walls around Colchester are a glaring example of the town’s resilience and strength. These walls were erected by the Romans to protect the city after Queen of the Iceni, Boudicca, destroyed Colchester almost completely in AD 60.

Today, you’ll see informative boards posted at key locations around the wall to let visitors known about its vivid and varied history. If you find a good tour guide, you may learn a lot more about why this spot is visited so frequently by tourists and locals alike.

3. Take a stroll through Highwoods Country Park

The moment you start exploring the massive Highwoods Country Park, you’ll start to feel your worries and stresses wither away. Stroll through woods that are alive with bluebells in spring. Go fishing in the lake or relax and lose yourself in a wildflower meadow. No matter what you do, this is one of the best places in Colchester to decompress, unwind and just lose yourself.

The park is free to enter, has nearby restrooms, is well-staffed and boasts beautiful, natural backdrops to cool the eyes and make for memorable photos.

4. Become one with the animals at Colchester Zoo

Well, truthfully – it’s not too often that a zoo ends up on a list of things to do in a lovely English town! However, this impressive zoo is not to be missed, containing more than 220 species from across the world roaming the 60-acre piece of land.

Admire the white tigers, hear the lions roar in unison or get into a staring contest with a Komodo dragon! There’s plenty to do and enjoy whether you’re going solo or with friends and family. Probably one of the most exciting things to do here is admire the underwater tunnel at Patogonia.

5. Gain some inspiration at Firstsite

If you’re into visual arts, then this is the place you want to check out. The contemporary society is bathed in modernity, which lies in stark contrast with the historic relics outside its boundaries.

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