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Electric Car Charer Port Home Installation Colchester

Mid Essex Electrical LTD are OLEV Approved Installers for Electric Vehicle Charging Points. We can claim a grant of up to £14,000 for your to install EV charging points at your commercial premises under the Workplace Charging Scheme. This is limited to £350 per charging socket up to a max of 40 Sockets.
We are happy to provide assessment and offer advice and or a free quotation. We offer a wide range of chargepoints, and, can arrange a solar PV System to work in conjunction with your EV Charger. We install both single phase and three phase systems. For more information or an informal discussion please contact us on 01621 212671.


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Home Charging Port Installation Colchester

Mid Essex Electrical LTD has experience installing a wide range of EV Points.

There are two main types of plug that we typically install. these are called Type 1 & Type 2

Type 2 plugs are the most commonly used and we find to be the best option, but the type of plug you use depends which vehicle you have

There are a wide range of options for charging your EV point – Found on the list to the RIGHT of this page.

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Our Site Assessor is knowledgeable about grants available

Our on site assessment will include discussing your eligibility for an OLEV Grant where appropriate.

Different Types of Chargers


Slow Charger

Slow chargers are rated at anything below 3.6kW. These include a standard UK three pin plug that can be plugged into the households plug sockets and also Type 1 and Type 2 designated charging points. These will typically take between 6 – 12 hours to fully charge a battery.

Medium Chargers

Most home chargers are in this power range, between 3.6 kW and 7kW. These just use Type 1 or Type 2 cables that you will need to plug into an installed charging station. The average mile range per 30 mins of charging using these chargers is around 12 miles per 30 mins.

Fast Chargers

Fast chargers are rated at power outputs between 7kW – 22kW, these are more commonly found at workplaces that have charging stations but can be installed for domestic use as well. Using these a full battery can be charged in 3 – 7 hours of charging depending on the power output of the charger and the size of the battery.

Rapid Chargers

Rapid chargers are the fastest chargers available and can charge the car’s battery to 80% charge within 40minutes or less. These chargers run at 43kW+. These are often found on motorway service stations, petrol stations, shopping centres and some supermarkets. These will usually be tethered and some you won’t need to bring your own charging cable as they will have them pre-connected to the charging station, so just pick it up and plug it in to start.

Our Recent Projects

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

A Rolec installation in Stanway, Colchester.

This Customer opted for a non smart charger as they did not think they would use the smart option. The customer was about to take delivery of a new Nissan Leaf.

A Rolec Smart Charger Installation in Ipswich, Suffolk

This customer opted for a smart charger as they wanted the option to charge their car at night rather than during the day.


We were impressed from Gareth’s first visit through to the completion of my new Zappi EV Charger. He and his team were able to fit us in at short notice with a pending delivery of a KIA Soul.
David Attwood


Gareth and his team were prompt and proffesional and fitted our Rolec Smart Charger with minimal fuss and did a good job at tidying up. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family.
Julie Mortimer


We were very happy with the installation of the EV Charger and the other bits of electrical work Gareth ended up needing to do to get the installation up current standards.
Liz Beckett

Ipswich, Suffolk

Frequently Asked

Will we need a new consumer unit to facilitate the EV Point?
In most cases we would not need to upgrade the consumer unit. There are some cases where to meet the strict EV regulations it would be neccesary to update the consumer unit to BS7671(2018) Standards. This would be discussed at the original site assesment.
Our consumer unit is located at the opposite side of the house to our driveway - is there any alternative to coming direct from the consumer unit?
Yes – in certain cases we are able to source power from the meter cupboard – Although it is generally easier to come from the main consumer unit. If you are thinking about the feasibility of installing a point prior to ordering your electric vehicle please do get in contact and one of our engineers will happily visit to provide an on site assessment.
Do EV Points cost a lot to run?
You will notice a slightly higher cost on your electric bills when plugging in your electric vehicle every day. Electric vehicles cost roughly 4p Per mile to run – although bare in mind costs may vary in urban areas.
What is your favourite EV Charger - and does it matter which charger we install?
Mid Essex Electricians’ Favourite EV Charger is a Rolec. Rolec are reliable and reasonably priced, and do a very good job. They are also one of the better looking chargers. The chargers have different pros and cons which should be researched before deciding the best option. Some vary in charging speed due to different power consumptions – Typically 3.0kw – 3.7kw.

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