Project: Full rewire in Peldon, Colchester

A full rewire on a large 4 bedroom detatched property in Peldon, Colchester.

The customer had just moved in and realised there were a lot of strange electrical accesories (12 way lightswitch in the living room as seen below) and an antiquated fuseboard. He originally asked us to move a few lightswitches, and with further discussion and having already planned a full redecoration decided to upgrade his wiring dating back from the early 70s. We ended up finding lots of wiring which was well past its best. To include:

Juctions behind walls for storage heaters, Live cables inside walls and floors, overloaded cables, and burnt out connections.

The Finished product (Before plastering)

The job was completed start to finish in 5 days even with snow on the ground and sub zero temperatures. The customer was very happy with the work and we are returning shortly to complete his kitchen rewire.