Does my Fuseboard need upgrading by a Domestic Electrician?


Have you ever had a Domestic Electrician turn up and declare that your fuseboard needs upgrading immediately and there is an imminent danger? There is a great possibility that is why you are reading this article. This article should give you a few pointers allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether its necessary.


If your home still has an old style rewireable fuse box as seen below it may be time to consider upgrading.


The new fuseboards include RCD protection and MCB’s also known as Miniture Circuit Breakers. These breakers are ideal for Domestic Electrics because they allow the user to simply flick the switch back up in the event of a trip. This also provides an additional layer of protection for rental properties to stop tenants using incorrect sized fuse wire to restore power. Here is a picture of a new fusebox we have installed.


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Domestc Fuseboard RCD Protection:

Your Local Electrician would happily run you through the benefits of RCD Protection but we will leave a few bullet points below to help out.


  1. Additional Shock protection
  2. Protection against Water Ingress and Additional protection in locations containing Water
  3. Protection against drilling through a cable
  4. Faulty appliance protection
  5. Protection against fire by switching off the supply of electricity in the event of a fault

How much does does a new Fuseboard Cost to Install?

Fuseboards typically cost between £350 and £600 to install depending on many different factors including the age of the wiring in your property, and whether or not your main earth bonding needs upgrading to meet BS7671(2018) standards. In some circumstances it is also necessary to install a larger board, for example a 16 circuit house would require a larger fuseboard which could increase the price.


How long does the job typically take?

The job usually takes between half a day and 2 days to complete. This depends on whether the tests carried out reveal any other faults. Your Electrician may need to lift floorboards to allow him to install any necessary gas or water bonding cables.


Should I receive any certification after the job is complete?

Your electrician should issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate, accompanied by a Building Control Compliance Certificate. Changing a fuseboard is notifiable work and should be notified to your local building control within 30 days. This will detail the test results and mention any observations he may of made when carrying out the work.


Will I have power whilst the Electrician is here?

The Electrician will require full isolation leaving the house with no power. The power should be fully restored by the end of the working day, and if neccesary to return the following day left on overnight before completing the work the following day.

Mid Essex Electricians are Qualified, NICEIC registered Electricians based in Colchester, Essex. If you have any questions regarding your current fuseboard or have one of the rewireable fuse boards shown earlier in this article and would like to discuss upgrading please contact 01621 212671 or email